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About the festival

Al Este is a film festival that takes place in France, Argentina, Colombia and Peru, and its main objective is to spread Central and Eastern European countries’ film culture in Europe and Latin America, allowing and strengthening the openness and dialogue between these two parts of the world.

Every year, Al Este invites a significant number of spectators and professionals, it proposes a compettion feature category, on fiction and documentary, as well each country base proposes a selection of shortfims in competition, and a tour Al Este including feature films.

It is organized by Soda Films and Association A l'Est du Nouveau, along with the cooperation of many institutions as Marca País (Perú), Region Normandie (France), the embassies of Austria, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, several national film centers, private enterprises, volunteers, and professionals with the same aim of promoting film and creation of new audiences, in the globalization context.



Direction and Concept

David Duponchel

General Production

Ada Quintana

David Duponchel

Executive Production - Argentina

Brenda Surijon

Ada Quintana

Executive Production - France

Monique Dubecq

Emilie Richeliu

Executive Production - Colombia

David Duponchel

Juan Pablo Franky

Executive Production - Perú

Ada Quintana

Andrea Valdivia

Tona Puertas

Film Program 

David Duponchel

César Guerra

Carlos Salvatierra

Paloma Iberico

Dafne Estrada


Martín Albertengo

Ada Quintana

Tona Puertas

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